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XM Account Registration

Below is a visual guide for you to follow when you create your XM account. The 'Start XM Registration' button at the bottom of the page will bring you to XM's registration page. Please familiarize and follow the options we specified in this page to avoid delays on your Izanagi program installation.
(Important: The bot will not be installed if you did not use the registration button and follow the instructions in this page.)

-CREATE YOUR MAIN PROFILE FIRST. Choose create using website, not the app

-Click Register and check your email for a verification message from XM. Press verify and it will tell you it is now verified and then you can now log in your account at their login page.

-Once you log in, it will ask you to open a demo account or a real account. Please click on Open real account

Kindly go through the first 2 pages of setting up your real account. On the third page, Please take note of these details as what to put or select when creating the account (Must be Strictly Followed)

- Please Select:
MT4.... NOT MT5 as Izanagi only works on MT4

- Account Type: Micro (1 lot  = 1,000)

- Trading Account Details: Leverage = Max (1:1000); Currency = USD;

After creating the account, you will receive an email from XM that contains your MT4 Number and Server Number. Please do not erase this email and tag it as important as you will need these details in Part 2.

Log in to XM's website and you will now be able to see your trading account on your dashboard. Kindly go through the verification process first and submit the necessary documents. The verification can take up to 2 days. Once your account is verified, you can then proceed to funding the account.

         Funding your Trading Account.

- Log in XM's website. Deposit a minimum of $500 to your XM account. Funding Amount starts at 500$ and increases by $500 increments. We recommend you use GCASH or Online Bank Transfer for the easiest options.

- You may increase capital based on what amount you are comfortable to trade. Profit forecast is at 2% to 3% monthly (ultimately depends on the market). After funding, proceed to the Step 2.

Is the process too complicated for you? We can schedule a side by side session to guide you personally.

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