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Enter our Discord Server

Discord is our official chatroom and if you need any support, updates or any questions, everything will be answered by us here.

-Download The Discord App on your mobile phone or PC to get updates of your account.

Join by clicking this button 

Finally, you are a member of the Izanagi community under the umbrella of Lloyd Bazar, The Billionaire's Club and Financial Freedom 101

-If you are new to discord, checkout the "starter guide" room in our channel and watch the video so you will be guided how to use it.

-Request a role to access the rooms for all Izanagi users.

-Check the "Installation Updates" Room for updates on your installation request.
Always check the Discord to get updates of your account . 

-Admin will update you on the process of your account thru our Discord above. You can also ask our admins in the GC for any questions or updates.

-Familiarize yourself with our FAQ Rooms in Discord while waiting for your Installation.

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