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For registrants who already have an XM account that is not under our affiliation or don't have an mt4 yet.

1. You just need to open new MT4 number by following the next steps (this is required even if you already have an MT4 before that is not under our affiliation or if you are under us, you need an mt4 account.)

Click on the Create New MT4 button at the bottom of this page.
On the XM page, scroll down and look for the button that says "
Already have an account? Login Here" and then log in your XM account.

Once in the Member's Area, click "Open Additional Account" (Middle part of the page where you can see all your current accounts in XM)
On the dropdown, click on Create Real Account.

Details what to put about the account (Must be Strictly Followed)

  - Please Select: MT4
  - Account Type: Micro (1 lot  = 1,000)
  - Currency = USD
  - Leverage = Max (1000:1)

After creating the account, you will receive an email from XM that contains your MT4 Number and Server Number. Please do not erase this email and tag it as important. You will need these details in STEP 2.
The account is most probably not under our affiliation yet so please wait for further instructions once you are in our Group Chat already. Joining the Group Chat is still at step 3 so don't worry about this yet.

On, you will now be able to see your new MT4 trading account on your dashboard.

2. Funding your Trading Account.

- Log in Deposit a minimum of $500 to your XM account. Funding Amount starts at 500$ and increases by $500 increments. We recommend you use GCASH or Online Bank Transfer for the easiest options.

- You may increase capital base on willing to lose : profits forecast 2% to 5% monthly (ultimately depends on the market) After funding, proceed to the number 3 step.

3. After creating the MT4, go back to this page and proceed to Step 2 (VPS and Bot Installation Request Form)
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