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  • Is my money safe with Izanagi?
    Izanagi team will never ask for your trading funds directly. It will be through a trading broker where your money can only be withdrawn into the same account you used for depositing. So, even by the small chance your trading account is accessed, withdrawals will only be directed into the bank or other financial account you used in funding. This makes your funds safe.
  • How much is the initial capital?
    The minimum capital is $500 and if you want to put more, it will be at increments of $500. There is no limit to how much you will add. Our recommended starting capital is $1000 so your Izanagi will be more profitable.
  • Why does it require a bigger Capital compared to other trading systems?
    Izanagi system uses calculated trade sizing. Larger capital lets us take advantage of low risk trading strategies and be profitable. The tendency of low capital trading systems is that they will use higher risk trading strategies to earn more from a small capital and that increases the chances of your account getting closed by margin calls and losses. Izanagi follows a code in money management where small wins are better as long as your capital is safe. For the profits to be substantial, we will need to allocate larger capital amount. Larger capital amounts with lower risk and profits is a much safer form of trading.
  • How much is the Izanagi service?
    The Izanagi Bot program is for free. We will not be taking anything from your earnings also. The only payment you will need to do to make Izanagi work is for the VPS service which is 500PHP or 10USD a month.
  • What is a VPS?
    VPS or Virtual Private Server is technically where the program will run to trade your account 24/7. Instead of using your own Computer to run 24/7 so the bot can trade, we will just rent a VPS instead so there will be no hassle from your end and mistakes will be avoided like power or internage outage and etc.
  • I have my own VPS service, can I use it for Izanagi?
    To protect the system and the program not to be copied by competitors, we can only allow Izanagi to control your trading account under a VPS which we have control. For this reason, we can not allow other VPS services to be used for Izanagi.
  • Where can I check Izanagi's performance record (MyFXBook)?
    You can check our perforamcne by clicking on the button below. Just come back to this window tab after checking it out.
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