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Copy Trading Account Registration for Izanagi AUD/CAD

Izanagi AUDCAD is a version of Izanagi that only focuses on the AUDCAD Pairs. It is more aggressive in this pair and is still supervised.Below is just a visual guide for you to follow when you create your Doo Prime account for copytrading. Before you click on the Create Account Button, please make sure you familiarize the guide below first so you will know what to do when you create the account. You can always come back to this page for reference.
(Important: Your Copy Trading request will not be approved if the account is not created using our affiliation so please follow the instructions to avoid delays.)

After creating and funding your Doo Prime MT4 account, Click the Copy Trade Application Form then select Road 2 Mustang

After Filling out the Form, please proceed the next part, joining our discord chatroom.

Is the process too complicated for you? We can schedule a side by side session to guide you personally.

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