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Facts to know About Izanagi

Izanagi trading system

 - Izanagi is a supervised automated trading program that combines manual supervision for the country's best traders and combine that with the most popular trading system. It uses the same general strategy of a position trader. The settings we use are a culmination of years of our trading strategy. We are traders who are known to show our trades publicly and are successful in it and that experience and technique is what we put in the Izanagi.

Is this system tested?

 - Yes. We did a rigorous back test for the system that spanned over the last 2 recessions. As to forward testing, Izanagi went live for 6 months before it was made available to public. Now with more than a year of forward testing data during its inception, it has already gained more than 300% in profits. 

How is my Investment secured?

 - The Izanagi team will never hold your trading fund. Your investment will be deposited to your personal trading account with a selected broker. This way, only you can withdraw your funds if needed as brokers will only allow withdrawals into the account used to fund the trading account.

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