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What is Izanagi?

Izanagi is an automated trading program where we poured in our years of experience in trading and all our strengths are seen in the results of the bot.

Lloyd Bazar of Financial Freedom 101 and John Penetrante of Wise Investors PH pioneered Izanagi. Between them are years of experience in trading and coaching and Izanagi was built to continue their believe in helping people to earn in trading even if their time can not allow them to watch markets full time.

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What is our Trading Strategy?

The trading system of Izanagi uses a hybrid Martingale strategy. We upgraded the system with our very own technical analysis and risk management strategy and after years of Back and Forward testing, you can see how effective it is.

Our Back testing included the last 2 recessions of 2008 and 2020 and Izanagi came out positive. For the forward tests, the biggest challenges it had to go through was the Exit of the Americans last 2021 and the war between Ukrain and Russia in March 2022. Those were the hardest times to trade and Izanagi was able to finish those months with profits. Those were the testing grounds of Izanagi and you can see it in our transparency page.

Core Values

Risk Management

As real traders, we stick to our value and practice that focus on risk management. We are proud to say that we never had a burned month and mos especially, we nevery had a burned account ever.


The entire performance of Izanagi is available for you to check. Continuous chart, no archiving of results and even the trade history is transparent.


Created and managed by the 2 most trusted traders in the Philippines, Lloyd Bazar of Financial Freedom 101 and John Penetrante of Wise Investors PH.

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